• Cogis News Items


The website of Cogis offers a large number of news items about the social and psychological consequences of war, persecution and violence. Here you can also consult the Indische docu’s : een selectie van documentaires over Nederlands-Indië en WO2 database. 
  • Colonial World Fairs

Tropenmuseum/The Memory of the Netherlands (KB)      

The Colonial World Exhibitions collection contains objects that were collected in the Netherlands East Indies between 1870 and 1940.  
  • De Aankomst ('the arrival')

Moluccan Historic Museum Foundation/Nationaal Archief (National Archives of the Netherlands)     

This website, which is run by the Nationaal Archief of the Netherlands and Museum Malaku, allows visitors to consult a database of persons that contains the details of the first generation of Moluccans. This site also offers a detailed examination of the historical background to their arrival in the Netherlands. 

  • Digital archives Moesson


This collection consists of the volumes 1956 until 2006 of the Indies monthly magazine Moesson, formely called 'Onze Brug' (Our Bridge) and 'Tong Tong'.
  • Drawings from the camps in the occupied Dutch East Indies

  • Institute for War, Holocaust, and Genocide Studies/
    Museon/The Memory of the Netherlands (KB)

A collection of drawings that were made in the internment camps. The drawings offer a source of information about daily life in the camps.  

  • Dutch Colonial Maps

University Libraries Leiden       

One of the largest collection of maps of the Netherlands East Indies. This collection has been made accessible online to scholars, cartographers and other interested individuals in the Netherlands and abroad. The collection originated from the former Information & Library Services Department of the Royal Tropical Institute. Since 2014 the collection is incorporated in the University Libraries Leiden.
  • Dutch East Indies Collection, National Military Museum

National Military Museum

Fotocollectie over de Nederlandse en Nederlands-Indische strijdmacht in Nederlands-Indië/Indonesië.
  • Dutch East Indies Collection, NIOD

NIOD, Institute for War, Holocaust, and Genocide Studies

The NIOD has an extensive collection of documents on the war period in the Dutch East Indies. Usually the documents can be consulted in the NIOD reading room, but currently they are unavailable because the collection is being digitised.
  • Ethnographic artefacts, PACE

Papua Cultural Heritage Foundation

This collection contains images of artefacts from the former overseas territory of Dutch New Guinea..
  • Farewell to the Indies

Nationaal Archief (National Archives of the Netherlands)

A digitised source that covers the 1940-1950 period. Consisting of Dutch and international documents concerning the Japanese occupation, the Bersiap period and the decolonisation of the Netherlands East Indies that can be consulted online. Indies at War searches the website but not the collection Farewell to the Indies. You can consult the collection here: Collection Farewell to the Indies 

  • Image Bank WW2

NIOD, Institute for War, Holocaust, and Genocide Studies

The image bank contains images of military maps and photographs, including those of Dutch troops in the Netherlands East Indies. These images can be viewed online.

  • Indonesia independent - Photographs, 1947-1953

The Netherlands Photography Museum/ The Memory of the Netherlands (KB)

The collection contains more than 4,500 photographs and album leaves produced by the photographers Cas Oorthuys and Charles Breijer. In January and February 1947, the two photographers made separate journeys to Indonesia, where they captured the process of decolonisation.
  • Japanese internment cards KNIL and Navy

Nationaal Archief (National Archives of the Netherlands)

Here you may consult 26.000 personal cards, the so-called internment cards of Dutch Prisoners of War in Japanese internment camps during World War II. The cards offer personal data of the internee, such as name, military rang, POW-number, medical information and possible date of death.
  • Moluccan history and culture in pictures

Moluccan Historic Museum Foundation/The Memory of the Netherlands (KB)

Collection of photographs on the ‘The Memory of the Netherlands’ website. This contains around 10,000 images of Malaku and the Moluccan community in the Netherlands. The collection covers the 1900-2004 period.

  • Multimedia, PACE

Papua Cultural Heritage Foundation

The collection comprises photographs, films and audio-material. It gives an account of the Papuan population of the past and the present, and how Dutch citizens in Dutch New Guinea used to live and work.

  • Museum Maluku Collection

Moluccan Historic Museum Foundation           

Photographs, documents, objects, a data bank and other sources offer information about the Moluccan Community’s history, culture and current news in the Netherlands and the Mollucas.
  • NIMH image archive

Netherlands Institute for Military History (NIMH)        

The image archive contains images of military maps and photos, including those of Dutch troops in the Netherlands East Indies. These images can be viewed online.
  • Open Beelden: Netherlands East Indies – Indonesia

Netherlands Institute of Vision and Sound

This audio visual collection offers video’s about the Netherlands East Indies and Indonesia, with a focus on the 1945-1963 period. Interesting items are the Polygoon newsreels ‘News from the Indies’ and ‘News from Indonesia'. This collection will be available shortly
  • Other Indies archives

NIOD, Institute for War, Holocaust, and Genocide Studies

These archives contain documents for the following access points: Regeringscommissie Nederlands-Indië (governmental commission for the Netherlands East Indies) (197h), Dagboeken Nederlands-Indië (diaries from the Netherlands East Indies) (401) and Onderzoek Tjimahi (research on Tjimahi) (404). The documents can be consulted at the reading room of NIOD.
  • Paper sources, PACE

Papua Cultural Heritage Foundation           

Disseminating knowledge about West Papua is one of the PACE foundation’s key objectives. The PACE catalogue contains books, documents and maps from the colonial period up until the present day
  • Photograph collection of the Dienst voor Legercontacten Indonesië ( Army Contacts Service, Indonesia)

Nationaal Archief (National Archives of the Netherlands)         

Online collection of photographs from the collections of the Army Contacts Service in Indonesia. The collection covers the 1940-1950 period in the Netherlands East Indies.
  • Pioneer photography from the Dutch Indies

Study and Documentation Centre for Photography (Prentenkabinet), Leiden/The Memory of the Netherlands (KB)

The collection contains 4,500 photographs that relate to the former Netherlands East Indies in the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century. Professional photographers captured extremely diverse subjects.
  • Post-war interest groupsn

NIOD, Institute for War, Holocaust, and Genocide Studies

The collection includes documents from the access points for the Stichting Ex-Krijgsgevangenen en Nabestaanden Japan (foundation for those taken prisoner of war by the Japanese and their next of kin) (813), the Comité Jongenskampen Bangkong-Gedungjati (the committee for the Bangkong-Gedungjati boys’ camps) (819) and the Stichting Nederlandse Slachtoffers Japanse Vrouwenkampen (foundation for Dutch victims of Japanese women’s camps) (830).
  • Sound and Vision in Academia: the Dutch East Indies

Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision

This audio-visual collection is intended for higher educational purposes. There is also a collection that contains historical visual material on the Netherlands East Indies. For information about using this archival material, please contact 
  • Taillie Collection


While travelling through Indonesia, the young military man Cees Taillie (1920-2005) made thousands of photagraphs from 1946 until 1949. You can consult these pictures in the Taillie Collection..
  • The Dutch East Indies in photographs, 1860-1940

Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies/The Memory of the Netherlands (KB)

A selection of more than 3,000 photos from the collection of the Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies (KITLV) in Leiden.
  • Thematic pages, PACE

Papua Cultural Heritage Foundation             

PACE’s thematic pages offer a penetrating insight into various aspects of the lives of the original inhabitants of West Papua.