Frequently asked questions

On this page, you will find some frequently asked questions. You can click on each question to read the answer. If you have questions about material that you have found using our search engine, then please contact the organisation that owns the material. If you have a question about the ‘Netherlands East Indies at War’ webportal, please contact a member of the editorial staff.

How can my organisation become associated with this initiative?

On this issue, please contact the Indies Commemoration Centre(Indisch Herinneringscentrum), which manages this website.

I have material that I might want to make available. How can I do this?

See the overview on the ‘heritage page,’ where you will find information about heritage management organisations.

Where can I find visitors' addresses for organisations that have material about the war in the Netherlands East Indies?

The visitors’ addresses for the organisations whose resources can be accessed on or via this portal (URL) can be found on the ‘partners’ page.

May I use the images that I find on this site for my project or in a publication?

Some images are protected by copyright and belong to the owner of the collection. In other cases, free use of the image is permitted. Every image is accompanied by information about its owner or source, and you can find out from the website of the image’s owner whether the free use of a particular image is permitted. Generally, this is not a problem for school projects, but you must contact the owner of an image if you wish to use it in an official publication.